One of my favourite views of Cardiff Bay taken very early one fine day and yours truly on the right hand side.

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Welcome to this edition of ‘Dragon on the Web’. For those that have visited this site before you will notice the new colour scheme etc. I have decided to renew my interest in web building after retiring and have purchased a new web building program to go with it.

So what do we have on this site for those that have not been here before? Well this originally started as just a personal site but over the years it has grown a bit as more stuff has been added in.

The first link you should see is of course the family link. After all that was the thing that started it all off. There will be a page on general family stuff and then links for the three of us, that myself, Steve, my wife Mary and son Mark. I have also put in a page about my father who passed away nearly three years ago now.

Then some pages on the travel that we have done over the years. We have not been as far as some, but we have been around and my camera always comes with me, and hopefully I will get some photos in here.

I have also put in some stuff about the land that I live in, (Wales) and the city that I live in. (Cardiff). As well as that I have put in some stuff on my working life with Cardiff Bus and some links that I have found interesting.

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Some links below that I hope that you find useful. Other are on the links pages.

Welsh Accommodation

Blue Chip Holidays offer 4 and 5 star accommodation in beautiful areas of Wales making it an ideal holiday destination for your next holiday.

Why not come to lovely Wales for your next holiday break. The wonderful scenery and friendliness of the people can only be enhanced by the places you stay in.  

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Welsh Widows

Have you been recently widowed? Do you know someone that has? Based in the Cardiff area this small group is a support group for anyone that needs it. Join us for a drink on a Saturday night or an evening out. Start to enjoy life again with great company. All of the members KNOW where you have been.

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Chat Room

Maze Carpets and Blinds

Maze Carpets are a family run business, established over 100 years ago.